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The performance parameter of crystalline silicon cell
Publication date:2015-10-16 10:55:35
The current-voltage characteristic of the crystalline silicon solar cells

Connect the solar cell to the load. Under the condition of light, when you change the electrical resistance of the load, the output of the solar cell voltage V, the output of the solar cell current I and the output of the solar cell power P will be changed accordingly. Record the changes of V, I, P and draw curve as shown above,known as the current-voltage characteristic of solar cells.

The performance parameter of solar cells
Short circuit current Isc:
The output current of solar cells when the resistance of the load is equal to zero
Open circuit voltage Voc:
The output of solar cells when the resistance of the load is equal to infinity
Peak power Pm:
The maximum output power of solar cells
Maximum power current:
The output current of solar cells when the output power is maximum
Maximum power voltage:
The output voltage of solar cells when the output power is maximum
Convert efficiency η :
The ratio between the maximum output power of solar cells and incident light power,which is the most important parameter of solar cells
Fill factor:
The ratio between the maximum output power and the product of short circuit current Isc 、open circuit voltage Voc
Series Resistance Rs:
It’s included solar cell body resistance,surface resistance,electrode conductor resistance and contact resistance on the surface of the electrode and silicon
Parallel Resistance :
as bleeder resistance,it’s formed by the edge of the wafer is not clean or surface imperfection on a silicon wafer

The compare between crystalline silicon solar cells and others


Conversion efficiency



Industrialization stage


In laboratory




The most mature technology,the market leading products,high conversion efficiency and table performance

The high cost of raw material and it’s trapped by the upstream supply of crystalline silicon now

Large-scale commercial production




Cheaper than Mono

Lower conversion efficiency: higher cost of material

Large-scale commercial production

Poly film



Cheaper than Mono by substrate

Lower conversion efficiency

Small and medium-scale commercial production

Amorphous silicon film



High absorption coefficient of the sun, so the less material demand,can be deposited on the all kinds of cheap substrate materials and lower cost ,the area is large,suitable for mass production

Forbidden band is bigger on width,is not sensitive to sunlight radiation area of long wave,the conversion efficiency is difficult to improve;there is light to recession

Small and medium-scale commercial production


indium selenium


Band gap material and its width is small,a wide range of solar spectrum response characteristic,stable performance

Indium and selenium is a rare metal, mass production is a problem with the raw material

Pilot phase




Good spectral response characteristic, under the condition of weak light and high temperature the performance is relatively good,resistant to radiation

Cadmium and its compounds are toxic,

Environmental pollution

Small and medium-scale commercial production

Gallium arsenide


Light absorption rate is extremely high, high conversion efficiency, stable performance

Production cost is high,is used in space now, and it’s promising applied to trap heat solar power generation system

Space and concentrated solar power

TiO2 Nano-film


High theoretical conversion efficience,good transparency, simple process,lower production cost

Using liquid electrolyte, difficult to use and have a potential impact on the environment

Lab stage

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