Process Introduction

Shinefar Group is invested in industry-leading automatic photovoltaic module production lines , which include automatic cell sorting machines、automatic glass-lifting machines、EVA paving machines、automatic single welding&series welding machines、EL test machines、automatic edge trimmer、automatic integrated sealant&framing machines、automatic integrated durable &insulated grounding continuity test machines with a capacity of 500MW per year.

Company profile

Shinefar Group Co., LTD. was founded in 1993, our headquarters are located in Metropolis London. The company started with the aim of being an international trade company and has since grown and developed into a high-tech international group focusing on product design, manufacture, distribution and sales. The company has been able to acquire this rapid growth through research and implementation of modern technology in business processes and operations. We mainly manufacture, design and sell solar photovoltaic series (including photovoltaic modules, photovoltaic inverters and all kinds of solar application products, etc). Quality and performance is the main motivator to always stand out in the industry. We value the importance of new product research and diversification of the products we offer to our clients. We have set up production plants in Malaysia and China with a capacity of 300MW per year.We have TUV,61215,61730,CE,ISO 9001,and so on.

our product is selling in UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, United states, Brazil, Chile, Middle East, Southeast Asia and Africa.

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